The Three Living and the Three Dead (post number two)

The wall painting at St Mary’s Church, Lutterworth is huge.  The church guide tells us that Victorian church restorers removed a gallery and found the top part of the painting preserved behind it.  The Victorians then repainted the three kings.  Later, in the 1980’s parts of the painting of the three skeletons were found to the right. These have not been retouched so are barely visible.  Impressive jawbones and grinning rows of teeth can just be seen.

Two of the kings are holding falcons.  The falcon was one of the favourite symbols of Edward III, (reigned 1327 to 1377).  It was during his reign that, (our timeline tells us), Robert Thorpe added the paintings to the tower.


Queen Philippa gave Edward a depiction of himself holding a falcon as a wedding present.  The symbol became a traditional badge of the Plantaganet family.

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